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Increase your Real Estate Market Customer Engagement Through Social Media

REAL QUICK TIPS on how to increase customer engagement through social media. Social media has some tricks up its sleeve, well, so do we. It's all fun and games until the social media algorithm changes and you fall off the map!  You see, the social media empires LOVE that you have a social account... but they love their visitors more. Here's some Do's and Don'ts to stay in front of them:

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3 Hacks for Facebook You Need to Know for the Real Estate Industry

Top 3 hacks to elevate your Real Estate Industry business’s Facebook to the next level, and greater business achievements. Social media seems to be expanding as fast as our universe. So, it only lends to be on your toes to the best trends. Some tried and true top hacks for one of the oldest social platforms now, Facebook. Do you feel old reading that? We felt old typing it. It’s true. Facebook is now one of the OLDEST social media platforms. Yikes. Let’s get to it, here we go:

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