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Hot, Hot, Hot: FHA Acceptable Sources of Heat

Many people ask us what types of heat sources are okay for homes where the borrower is using FHA to finance the property. Here’s the information – and by the way, USDA (Rural Housing) uses FHA rules listed below as their heat source guidelines too.

General Guidelines:

  • All habitable rooms must have a heat source.
  • Certain areas of the country do not require a heat source if normal for the area (i.e., Hawaii, certain counties in Florida).

Wood Stoves & Solar Systems

  • Acceptable with certification that they were installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Must ALSO have a conventional heat source in all living areas.
  • Must also have a heat source to maintain 50 degrees F in rooms where plumbing is located. (Example: electric baseboard heat in bathroom, kitchen and basement/crawl space where plumbing pipes are located.)

Propane Tanks

  • Must be located a safe distance from the home.
  • Must have ownership of propane tank UNLESS only leased tanks are available and normal for the area.
  • Propane furnaces located in crawl space or basement is not acceptable.

Floor Heaters

  • Acceptable
  • If needs repairs or insufficient heat source for home, will require upgrade to conventional heat system.

Non-conventional Heating Systems

  • Space heaters or non-conventional heat sources must comply with local codes.
  • If does not comply, conventional heating system must be installed.

source: Mortgage Currentcy

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