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Based on demand for ongoing and revolving information we have collectively gathered all the necessary information needed to provide the best information. Enjoy!

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Be Interested, Not Interesting

This week I want to talk about networking a little bit. Networking is going to be the biggest thing that we do all this year.

Automated Personalization

This week's message is going to be about your CRM and how you're managing it. First off, if you don't have a CRM, it is probably the biggest mistake I made…

Get Back to the Basics: Plan to Succeed in 2023

Here we are. First Monday of the New year. Official work. Monday of the New Year, I should say, because last Monday was...

Is an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) right for me?

There are always many options to help you buy a home! If you are worried about rising interest rates and buying a home, there are…

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How Rent-to-Own Options & Rent Credits

Let us help you buy a home! Sometimes you find a home you love, but you cannot buy it at that time. If that sounds…

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Hot, Hot, Hot: FHA Acceptable Sources of Heat

Many people ask us what types of heat sources are okay for homes where the borrower is using FHA to finance the property. Here’s the…

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VA Assumptions – Not just for Veterans

VA loan assumptions are not restricted to Veterans who have VA eligibility. Anyone can assume a VA loan if they meet the occupancy, credit and…

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