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Hot, Hot, Hot: FHA Acceptable Sources of Heat

Many people ask us what types of heat sources are okay for homes where the borrower is using FHA to finance the property. Here’s the…

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VA Assumptions – Not just for Veterans

VA loan assumptions are not restricted to Veterans who have VA eligibility. Anyone can assume a VA loan if they meet the occupancy, credit and…

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MassDREAMS is here for First-Time Home Buyers

MassDREAMS is a grant available with a MassHousing or MHP first mortgage loan and is made possible by federal funding from the American Rescue Plan…

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Real Estate Marketing: How and Why to Batch Content

What the heck is "Content Batching" anyway? Why would I want to add this to my already busy work-life? How would I even start? All…

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Who Is Exempt From The VA Funding Fee

Who is Exempt from the VA Funding Fee?

Not everyone who served our country is eligible for exemption of the Funding Fee —but there are many, many veterans who DO qualify and don’t…

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“Who Qualifies” for a VA Loan?

Not everyone who served our country is eligible for a no-down VA loan—but there are many, many veterans who DO qualify and don’t realize that…

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Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry

Whether you are a contractor, have a small business or a big company, getting social media wrong can hurt your reputation. If you are a…

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Increase your Real Estate Market Customer Engagement Through Social Media

REAL QUICK TIPS on how to increase customer engagement through social media. Social media has some tricks up its sleeve, well, so do we. It's…

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3 Hacks for Facebook You Need to Know for the Real Estate Industry

Top 3 hacks to elevate your Real Estate Industry business’s Facebook to the next level, and greater business achievements. Social media seems to be expanding…

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