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Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry

Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry

bookmark this pageWhether you are a contractor, have a small business or a big company, getting social media wrong can hurt your reputation. If you are a small business, you cannot afford to NOT be on social media.

Start with a plan

Start with a plan and understand your goals. Do you want more followers? Brand awareness? Education people?


Focus on quality posts, not junk. Just like you will scroll pass a generic image, so will your visitors. Be you and sincere.

Know your audience

Know your audience and demographics. Understand their demand to you and openly answer questions in a post. If one person asked the questions, others are curious too.

Schedule it

Schedule that content – use a calendar scheduled like Meta Business Suite (for facebook and Instagram), spend a few hours at the beginning of each month. I start by listing dates I want to post, then I list the subjects I want to talk about (these can easily be on rotation, it’s your industry!), then I start on one date and move down the list, writing a few sentences each.

The platforms

What platforms to use? Depending on your industry, the best places for your platform are:

  • Linkedin for your partnering and networking
  • Facebook for your clients, partnering and networking
  • Instagram for the fun get-to-know you and your personality can shine a little less formal.
  • TikTok for your fun (and funny) side. Stay out of politics and strong opinions.
  • Vimeo/Youtube should be a place to house your media video bandwidth
  • Twitter: unless you have trending newsfeed (and often) then this isn’t your platform
you are your own brand

Images and videos

I get the video question, a lot. Here’s the best tip: don’t be afraid to just be you. Sincerely the best imperfect you will be someone that comes across as approachable. In your car eating lunch? Hop on a video and talk about the Realtor/Loan Officer’s life on the road and what you snack on to get you through the day. Think: insider info.

Promote your brand

Question: What is your brand?
Answer: You.

Promote your Brand Awareness: don’t be pushy, but definitely talk about the benefits of connecting with you.

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