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Be Interested, Not Interesting

January 25, 2023

Video Transcription: Brian Hunton

This week I want to talk about networking a little bit. Networking is going to be the biggest thing that we do all this year. Getting out and being in front of people and making more connections. That’s going to be huge for everybody’s business, everybody sales business. So my advice here, be interested, not interesting. It’s so often I see people go to networking events or try to get on a networking call, a phone call, whatever.

You know, they are very busy talking about themselves and really pushing their product or service themselves. They’re pushing that first. I think they’re a little scared that they’re not going to make a sale or they’re not going to have the time to get all their information out. But that’s not going to move the needle (NPS) at all.

So you got to be going into a conversation whether you’re networking, on the phone with a client or with a referral source, that conversation needs to be about learning about the other person. You have to have great questions because the number one thing you’re going to do with sales is solve some problems.

Best the way to solve the problems is know how to ask the right questions, to find the right problems that you can help. So big concept: Be Interested, Not Interesting. Newsflash, nobody actually cares what you have to say. They care about themselves and they care about how you’re going to help them solve whatever problem you can uncover.

So that’s my advice for today. Get out there and be very active with networking. It is very, very important to have these relationships and just remember that mantra: we want to go out there and we want to be way more interested, every day.


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